LCG Lounge


A casual, open-play area specifically dedicated to your favorite Fantasy Flight LCG games!

Netrunner, A Game of Thrones, 40K Conquest and more! Hang out and play against opponents, teach your friends how to play, organize an impromptu tournament or league, and find people to play with in your area.

Every game played will earn you a raffle ticket. Every game won will win you an extra ticket. Tickets can be used to enter raffles for awesome prizes, including promotional cards, playmats and other goodies. WashingCon is a community-driven space, and we want to extend that to our LCG-loving friends.

This is your space; make it what you want and walk away with some great prizes!

(Room 6)

September 10
Play to Win Titles
September 10
Catan Demos