Where is the convention?

WashingCon takes place at the Georgetown Hotel and Convention Center at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Check out our location page for more details about that.

What are the hours?

The doors open at 10am on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday the Main Hall and the Game Library close at 11pm but the West Lobby and the South Gallery stay open until the wee hours of the night so feel free to come hang out until late (especially if you are staying at the hotel!) 

Do I need money?

Weekend badges cost $65 and Sunday only badges are $37.50. Those badges cover the cost of everything in the convention except for food and Tiny Dungeon.

Yeah, we're running a new event this year that we are calling Tiny Dungeon. You join a group of four intrepid miniature adventurers on a quest to explore a randomized dungeon of room made from Northern European Modular Snap Together Plastic Bricks.

For this event you can't sign up online. It will be first come first served but if you stop by the room early you can claim a time slot for later in the weekend. Each person can only claim one time slot (for a party of up to four adventurers).

Because you get to keep your Northern European Modular Snap Together Plastic Figure at the end this event costs $5 per person.

Tiny Dungeon?

For those of you who are planning to drive to WashingCon please be warned that the lot that is attached to the Conference Center is owned by the Hospital not the Hotel. Because they are sick of students parking there, the hospital has increased the daily cost for parking in that lot from $25 to $75 (which is ridiculous).

This is very unfortunate and it may be the final straw for WashingCon's ability to use the Georgetown Convention Center for our event in the future but, by the time this change was made, we were well past the point of no return with looking for a new venue.

That all being said, there is another parking lot on the Georgetown campus which is $25/day but it is cash only. (3611 Canal Rd NW) It also seems like that lot just might be unattended on weekends which might mean it is free. (Worth checking out but WashingCon cannot officially guarantee this).

Here is a useful page on Georgetown's site about parking and transportation for the campus.

And here's a slightly less useful map that I made.


We will be providing free shuttles all day to and from the Foggy Bottom Metro station. Just like last year the shuttles will drop you off right at the front door. The Circulator bus is also a great option. It runs all day, drops you off right at the campus and only costs $1.

Well, parking sounds terrible, how else can I get there?

Everyone is welcome to bring any games they like to WashingCon but we our gaming library is open to all attendees and includes 500+ titles ranging from brand new games to classic titles.

We also have our play-to-win section in the library. Games from that section are given away at the end of the weekend to one random person who checked out the game during the event.

On top of that we will have designers and publishes set up all over the place to demo new games and even play test games that are not yet released.

In short, you can bring your own games if you like but there will be no shortage of options if you choose to come empty handed.

Do I need to bring my own games?

What? Us normals aren't enough for you?

Yes, once again this year we will have lots of designers and publishers present. Two designers in particular that we are very excited to feature are Matthew O'Malley (Between Two Cities, Diner, etc) and Dave Chalker (Git Bit, Heat, Thief's Market, etc).

Both Matthew and Dave will be set up running demos of their newest stuff and participating in events of all sorts. Stop by and say hello.

Also present at this year's WashingCon will be Jason Matthews, Ben Rossett,  and more!

Will there be any famous people there?

Yes, last year we had a bountiful cornucopia of games provided by our sponsors to choose from. To be honest, it was unreal and a treat for us as well as you. I felt like Santa Claus.

This year we are, once again, going to have a free game for every attendee of the con but we would appreciate it if everyone could bring their expectations back down to a reasonable level when it comes to what games you will choose from.

That being said, the free games table is not the only way to leave WashingCon with some new titles. We will, of course, be running our play-to-win section again in which the people who check out these designated games over the course of the weekend will be entered into a drawing and one lucky player will get to take home the game.

Last year I got a copy of Scythe for free on my way in the door

This is not a comprehensive list of questions. If there's something else you need to know reach out on our contact page or on Facebook or on Twitter and we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible in the hustle and the bustle beforehand.

Something else?

See you at WashingCon!