Registration opens March 1st!


Hello WashingConners! We are thrilled to announce that registration for WashingCon 2 will open on March 1st at 8:00p EST.

This year WashingCon will be bigger and better in every way! We've expanded to 2 days! We have 10 times the space! We have 6 times as many tickets available! We have at least 12 times as many exclamation points! It's gonna be great!

Because it is a huge help for us if we can sell tickets sooner rather than later we've decided to do something a bit different this year for ticket prices.  We will offer the first bunch of tickets for a reduced price. What that means is that the first 250 tickets sold will only cost $35 for the entire event. After that we will sell 400 more at $40 before the remaining tickets will go on sale at the full price of $45 (still a pretty great value we think).

There will be more announcements as the date approaches but here we go. Only 201 days until WashingCon 2!