2019 Featured Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave


We’re excited to announce that this year’s featured game designer at WashingCon 2019 will be Elizabeth Hargrave, creator of Wingspan! Every year we hope to be a place where local designers can work on their games and share them with the community. Elizabeth has been at WashingCon every year since our inception, play-testing Wingspan and, now that it’s out in the wild, we’re very lucky to have her back again to show it off.


If you’re not yet familiar with Wingspan, it’s the engine-building, birdwatching, egg laying, scientifically accurate game for 1-5 players where you compete to score points off birds that you collect and place in their ecologically appropriate niches. If that has’t cleared things up you can read some of the very nice things that folks have been saying about it both here and here! And, If you’re a fan of interesting game design thoughts and local creators, please give Elizabeth a follow on twitter right here. She’ll be at WashingCon hanging out and demoing her game so come on out to say hi to her and give Wingspan a spin.

Ticket sales open Monday April 1st at 7pm and will be at the discounted price of $40 for a short time only, so make sure to purchase your tickets early for the best deal to meet the DMV’s most interesting new designer!


WashingCon 2019 Announcement!

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WashingCon 2019 is officially happening! After much wrangling we are excited to announce that we will once again be bringing you D.C.’s finest two days of tabletop at our usual home, the Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center on September 7th and 8th.

Tickets will go on sale on April 1st at 7 pm. And, as we have done previously, two-day passes will start at the loooooooow price $40. Purchasing your tickets in advance helps us cover costs and get the convention up and running so we try to show our appreciation for those of you who get their badges early. Please note though that we cannot afford to keep prices this low forever and after the initial sale they will return to full price! So, to get the best possible deal, we recommend that you get yours as soon as they are available!

If you would like to be more involved with WashingCon 2019 whether through volunteering, making a donation or becoming a sponsor please check out our website right here. We’ll be reminding everyone about these opportunities in the next month but if you’ve participated in the past and are ready to do so again we encourage you to jump in!

Also please keep an eye on our website and twitter over the coming weeks. We’ll be announcing the various game nights, guests, and special events that we hope to bring to the DMV’s gaming community this year. We love putting all of this together and we’re excited that your continued support of WashingCon has allowed us to return again for a fifth convention. Thank you all and we’ll see you in September!

Dragon's Demize at WashingCon

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WashingCon couldn’t happen without the support we receive from our community, and no one has been supporting us longer than our official podcast, Dragon’s Demize. With us now for all four years, Dragon’s Demize, the creation of Jakub, Greg, and Lesley, is a podcast of game reviews, RPG advice, buying guides, live convention coverage and much more. They've also created a whole mess of videos such as actual plays, Board Games Bistro (how-to-plays) and all sorts of other cardboard-focused content for your tabletop-loving soul.

With 120 episodes of their podcast already available, as well as dozens of videos, there’s something for every type of games enthusiast. So, if you like games (you do, or you wouldn’t be here!), please head over to their website, subscribe to their podcast and give them a listen! Jakub, Greg and Lesley will all be at WashingCon this weekend, helping out, talking tabletop, and casting some pod, so stop by their booth to say hi and ask them for some sage gaming advice. They’ve been supporting us for so long and we hope that you all will support them too by checking out their great content below on their website and twitch.

Final Week of Ticket Sales

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WashingCon is coming up in just four days, which means that if you haven't grabbed your tickets yet, now is the time! We're really excited to bring you two days of tabletop games here in DC for the fourth year in a row, and we hope that as many of you as possible in the DMV's gaming community can join us. We will be sending out information very soon about parking, metro access, and all of the little need-to-know details for everyone who has already purchased their tickets. So, for all of you who have, keep an eye on your email in the next few days. Any for everyone else, badges are going much faster than in years past so, to guarantee your spot, don't forget to reserve yours ASAP. 

North Star Games Evolution Tournament


Our friends from North Star Games are coming back to WashingCon this year and will be hosting a tournament of Evolution, their strategy game of species and specialization! To win at Evolution you must guide to your species to victory by carefully selecting adaptations, while acquiring enough food to feed your rapidly evolving species and keep opponents at bay. Watch out for other species that evolve sharp teeth, though, or else you become the alternative source of food for your friends' creatures! This tournament will take place on Sunday at 10:30 am and has limited seating so sign up here


North Star Games will also be in the main hall demoing their amazing stuff and doing some play testing so come on down to their booth and check out games like Warsaw: City of Ruins, Most Wanted, Monster Match and many, many more fine products. They have been incredible supporters of the local gaming community over the last few years we're thrilled to have them at WashingCon again, representing the DC area's game publishers.


Event Schedule Is Up!

Most of you know that WashingCon is more than just our huge open gaming hall. Beyond providing you the opportunity to enjoy some new games with friends we also have events, tournaments and speakers for all of your additional gaming-related needs. Well, we're less than four weeks away and the schedule of events is now up! 



This year we have several tournaments back from last year such as Catan, Pitch Car and Carcassonne, as well as a ton of new new events like Codenames, King of Tokyo and Giant Between Two Cities! In addition we're going to have a series of panels with local designers talking about what it takes to create your own games, an introduction to Wargaming with Jason Matthews and the event that we are so excited to present: Tiny Dungeon!

Almost all of our events are free with your admission, but many require a reserved seat to participate. These seats tend to go fast so we strongly encourage you to sign up as early as possible, right here, if you want a spot!

We will have additional events being added as the details are figured out so be sure to check back here for details!

WashingCon Hotel Rates Available


Good news, everyone!

The Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center, where we hold WashingCon each year, has reserved a block of rooms at a discounted price for our attendees! We know that for many of you it will be inconvenient or downright impossible to make it back and forth from home to the convention in one night. And, for those of you who need to find lodgings in the DC area, the alternatives can be grim: find another hotel who-knows-how-many metro stops away from the Con or, worst of all, maybe even spending a night on a friend's spine-destroying air mattress. But you don't need to suffer like that for a weekend of excellent gaming! To maximize back comfort and gaming time while minimizing your travel we recommend staying with us, right here, at the conference center. 

The hotel will only guarantee the reduced rates if you purchase before August 7th so don't delay!

In addition, as some of you already know, WashingCon has an excellent slate of late night events as well. Two Rooms and A Boom, social deduction games and a whole lot more hit the floor right around 8 pm on Saturday. And once those wrap up, even though the main hall closes, we will still have space open, adjacent to the main hall, where the most die hard gamers can keep it going until the wee hours of the morning. We certainly will, and we hope a lot of you can join us. 

So, if you are interested in prolonging your gaming time, grab a hotel room Saturday!

Exceptional T-Shirts for Sale!

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There are a lot of good ways to remember your WashingCon experience. Taking pictures, slapping your memories up on Instagram or reliving your board game glory by endlessly reminding your friends of how you came from behind to win the Ticket to Ride tournament. But NOTHING memorializes your convention-going like fine chestwear!

WashingCon's 2018 official shirt, available here, is the best way to wear your love for WashingCon quite literally on your sleeve. Emblazoned with this year's sweet DC themed logo, this is the shirt 100% most likely to make your eyes mist over while thinking "Damn that was a fun convention" every time you put it on. Guaranteed to lower analysis paralysis and substantially improve your dice rolls while looking stylish, these shirts can be purchased at our website and will be available for pick at the convention. Reserve your's today!

Calling All Volunteers

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Making WashingCon happen is a lot of work. Throughout the year a handful of us set our time aside to make sure everything is ready to go in September. But when the actual day of the convention is upon us we need a heck of a lot of more help for it all to go smoothly! That's why we rely on our volunteers to help staff the convention and assist with registration, events, the games library, rules tutoring, and everything else that goes into making WashingCon fun.




If you like WashingCon and want to be a part of it, we'd love have you as a volunteer! In exchange for two volunteer shifts we will comp your badge so you can spend the rest of your time enjoying the weekend for free. In addition we will provide you with a sweet WashingCon 2018 volunteer's T shirt designed by the director. This fine chestwear immediately identifies you as a true board game enthusiast of substance and the only way to get one is to volunteer right here. We look forward to seeing you in september!

Game Night at Port City Brewery!


WashingCon 2018 is still weeks away and we're sure that a lot of you are amped to get there and play some dang board games already! Well we can't bring the date any closer but, in the meantime, we can bring you the next best thing: boardgames and beer! This Thursday, July 26th, from 5pm until 10pm, members of the WashingCon staff will be at Port City Brewing Company in Alexandria, VA hosting a game night for everyone in the community.

We'll have a selection of games on hand but feel free to bring some of your own as well. Bring friends, play with some new folks and enjoy Alexandria's finest local beer. Tickets are free but, if you're intending to come, please sign up here so we have an idea of how many tables we'll need. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Final Day Of Reduced Price Badges!

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One final heads up to everyone from the WashingCon staff: Today (6/9) is the last day for reduced price 2018 badges! At midnight tonight our very last early ticket sales drive will end and prices will return to their standard level for the remainder of the summer. Although badges will be available up to the convention, as well as at the doors, we encourage you to get yours today, right here, to take advantage of the best possible price.

We looking forward to seeing all of you in September!

Standard Prices Begin This Saturday


Here at WashingCon we rely on early ticket sales to get the convention off the ground each year. When you buy your passes ahead of time it allows us to pay for the deposit on the convention center as well as the annual startup costs. Without these sales it wouldn’t have been possible. For this reason we greatly appreciate those of you who have bought your tickets early and would like to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a small, additional show of gratitude to everyone out there getting passes ahead of time we have kept prices discounted past the original opening week sale. But all good things must come to an end and standard prices will go into effect this Friday at midnight. So for everyone hoping to get in on the last of the discounts this is the final week. Beginning Saturday, tickets will be set at the regular price until doors open so if you have not yet reserved your passes do it here ASAP! 

Last Day To Get Discounted Passes!

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Just a reminder that today is the last day to get your WashingCon badges at the reduced rate of just $40 for all weekend passes and $25 for Sunday only passes. After midnight, tonight the discount will end so, if you have a group you are hoping to attend with, now is the time to remind everyone to reserve their tickets for the best possible deal.

We’re already blown away by the response from the gamer community this year. Passes are going faster than ever and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who has already put us on your calendar for September! We hope that our early ticket discount lets everyone know how much we appreciate the enthusiasm you've shown for WashingCon. And for all of you who have yet to buy your passes, today is your chance. Remember to get your tickets here before midnight!

Get Your 2018 Passes Early!

With WashingCon 2018 passes primed to go on sale, we’d like to remind everyone who is as excited as we are for this year to get their passes early! As a way to show our appreciation to all of our awesome attendees who make WashingCon what it is, full weekend passes will be available for one week at the historic price of $40. Also, to make sure that families feel welcome, children’s full weekend passes will remain at $25 as long as passes are available.

Although the discount on adult badges will end after March 8th we wanted to do something for everyone who has attended in the past, groups on a budget, and the real board game lovers who have already put WashingCon on their schedule. As with last year we expect passes to sell out so we hope that our first week discount will encourage all of the DMV's most passionate gamers to get them before they’re gone!

Reserve yours right here, March 1st starting at 8pm.