Get Your 2018 Passes Early!

With WashingCon 2018 passes primed to go on sale, we’d like to remind everyone who is as excited as we are for this year to get their passes early! As a way to show our appreciation to all of our awesome attendees who make WashingCon what it is, full weekend passes will be available for one week at the historic price of $40. Also, to make sure that families feel welcome, children’s full weekend passes will remain at $25 as long as passes are available.

Although the discount on adult badges will end after March 8th we wanted to do something for everyone who has attended in the past, groups on a budget, and the real board game lovers who have already put WashingCon on their schedule. As with last year we expect passes to sell out so we hope that our first week discount will encourage all of the DMV's most passionate gamers to get them before they’re gone!

Reserve yours right here, March 1st starting at 8pm.