WashingCon Hotel Rates Available


Good news, everyone!

The Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center, where we hold WashingCon each year, has reserved a block of rooms at a discounted price for our attendees! We know that for many of you it will be inconvenient or downright impossible to make it back and forth from home to the convention in one night. And, for those of you who need to find lodgings in the DC area, the alternatives can be grim: find another hotel who-knows-how-many metro stops away from the Con or, worst of all, maybe even spending a night on a friend's spine-destroying air mattress. But you don't need to suffer like that for a weekend of excellent gaming! To maximize back comfort and gaming time while minimizing your travel we recommend staying with us, right here, at the conference center. 

The hotel will only guarantee the reduced rates if you purchase before August 7th so don't delay!

In addition, as some of you already know, WashingCon has an excellent slate of late night events as well. Two Rooms and A Boom, social deduction games and a whole lot more hit the floor right around 8 pm on Saturday. And once those wrap up, even though the main hall closes, we will still have space open, adjacent to the main hall, where the most die hard gamers can keep it going until the wee hours of the morning. We certainly will, and we hope a lot of you can join us. 

So, if you are interested in prolonging your gaming time, grab a hotel room Saturday!