North Star Games Evolution Tournament


Our friends from North Star Games are coming back to WashingCon this year and will be hosting a tournament of Evolution, their strategy game of species and specialization! To win at Evolution you must guide to your species to victory by carefully selecting adaptations, while acquiring enough food to feed your rapidly evolving species and keep opponents at bay. Watch out for other species that evolve sharp teeth, though, or else you become the alternative source of food for your friends' creatures! This tournament will take place on Sunday at 10:30 am and has limited seating so sign up here


North Star Games will also be in the main hall demoing their amazing stuff and doing some play testing so come on down to their booth and check out games like Warsaw: City of Ruins, Most Wanted, Monster Match and many, many more fine products. They have been incredible supporters of the local gaming community over the last few years we're thrilled to have them at WashingCon again, representing the DC area's game publishers.