Dragon's Demize at WashingCon

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WashingCon couldn’t happen without the support we receive from our community, and no one has been supporting us longer than our official podcast, Dragon’s Demize. With us now for all four years, Dragon’s Demize, the creation of Jakub, Greg, and Lesley, is a podcast of game reviews, RPG advice, buying guides, live convention coverage and much more. They've also created a whole mess of videos such as actual plays, Board Games Bistro (how-to-plays) and all sorts of other cardboard-focused content for your tabletop-loving soul.

With 120 episodes of their podcast already available, as well as dozens of videos, there’s something for every type of games enthusiast. So, if you like games (you do, or you wouldn’t be here!), please head over to their website, subscribe to their podcast and give them a listen! Jakub, Greg and Lesley will all be at WashingCon this weekend, helping out, talking tabletop, and casting some pod, so stop by their booth to say hi and ask them for some sage gaming advice. They’ve been supporting us for so long and we hope that you all will support them too by checking out their great content below on their website and twitch.