2019 Featured Designer: Elizabeth Hargrave


We’re excited to announce that this year’s featured game designer at WashingCon 2019 will be Elizabeth Hargrave, creator of Wingspan! Every year we hope to be a place where local designers can work on their games and share them with the community. Elizabeth has been at WashingCon every year since our inception, play-testing Wingspan and, now that it’s out in the wild, we’re very lucky to have her back again to show it off.


If you’re not yet familiar with Wingspan, it’s the engine-building, birdwatching, egg laying, scientifically accurate game for 1-5 players where you compete to score points off birds that you collect and place in their ecologically appropriate niches. If that has’t cleared things up you can read some of the very nice things that folks have been saying about it both here and here! And, If you’re a fan of interesting game design thoughts and local creators, please give Elizabeth a follow on twitter right here. She’ll be at WashingCon hanging out and demoing her game so come on out to say hi to her and give Wingspan a spin.

Ticket sales open Monday April 1st at 7pm and will be at the discounted price of $40 for a short time only, so make sure to purchase your tickets early for the best deal to meet the DMV’s most interesting new designer!