Let's Talk About Free Games


For the past two WashingCons we have been able to offer a free game to every attendee as they walked in the door. This is a concept we borrowed from BGG.CON and it has been a highlight of our experience each year. Those of you who attended WashingCon 2017 will remember that the selection of games in the giveaway pile was unbelievable. One of our sponsors really came through for us and it was their generosity that allowed us to bring you that cardboard smorgasbord. Our director (Matt Grosso) got to feel like Gaming Claus for about 6 hours on Saturday this past year and it was probably the highlight of his weekend.

With that being said, we'd like to talk about expectations. It is our dearest hope that we will be able to continue the giveaway tradition again this year but, until we can make arrangements for those game donations, we can't promise anything. This is not to say that we won't have amazing games available again this year! But what we are able to offer is dependent on the largesse of our sponsors and we hope you will all keep your expectations at a reasonable level. 


In the end we hope you agree that, while free games are great, WashingCon is about meeting new people and sharing our passion over an amazing weekend of games.

Remember, tickets go on sale this Thursday March 1st at 8:00pm at washingcon.com.

Night Owls Rejoice, WashingCon Will Be Open Late


WashingCon has good news for attendees who like their gaming to go all night. We've talked with the hotel and they have agreed to let us keep one large piece of the gaming hall open until 3:00 am on Saturday night.

So, let your games run long and have fun late but don't forget to set your alarms for Sunday so you don't sleep through day two of WashingCon!